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the ash cloud may make it to the east coast of north america by this evening. it remains to be seen whether there will be even a greater impact of flights along the northeastern coast line. i'm kimberly suiters. now back to you. >> thank you. travelers who are stranded in florida will at least have some fun. sea world in orlando is opening its doors for travelers whose flights are grounded because of the volcanic ash. tourists get a one-day ticket. the offer makes their situation a whole lot more enjoyable. >> this has been a highlight. i think it's fantastic. we watched tv last night and we found the address so we came over today. >> in case you're wondering how sea world can prevent phony travelers, visitors have to show a valid return flight ticket dated april 14th through the 21st to get in. >> toyota is expected to agree to a fine of more than $16 million stemming from that gas pedal problem with its vehicles. the government says the toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals last september but didn't issue a recall until january. the law requires any defect to be reported in fi
to grow a green economy in the united states. we want to put america back on top. >> reporter: organizers hope that by having' lentz like this here, they can influence what happens there. on the national mall, derrick ward, news 4. >>> it's time now to take a look at our weather. >> good morning, tom. a lot of rain overnight, storms coming through. >> thunder, lightning, hail. a lot of reports of hail around the region. as we take a look at this hour, outside we do have low clouds hanging over the mall. you can see that in this live picture from our city camera. there's the washington monument and just beyond the monument, those low clouds. right now at 55 degrees in washington. humidity is rather high. we have temperatures around the region hovering around the 50s from the blue ridge to the atlantic ocean. now as we look at the radar, over the last six or seven hours we've had these conveyor belt of showers and thunderstorms that came through. those have now exited far off to our east and have dissipated. we have lingering light showers that are passing southwest to northeast, now out of
make america a second or third rate nation. >> a florida girl is safe four days after she wandered off. nadia bloom vanished friday. the search for the 11-year-old girl ended when she was found yesterday in a swamp near where she walked away. craig lucy spoke to the man who found her. he has the latest from florida. >> praying. everyone of your prayers were heard. not just mine. >> reporter: 45-year-old father of 5 james king says he was not going to give up on the search. >> got up in the morning, taped up my boots and i did everything, sharpened my machete last night. got everything ready this morning. i was out there as soon as the sun was up. >> reporter: king set out. dozens were not far away. he says he headed toward the swamp off 417. >> most of the time i was walking or wading. typically ankle deep up to knee deep. >> reporter: he wasn't quiet. >> as i was walking i would call out nadia. i got further. i heard what? so i zoomed in on where it was coming from and then started calling out, mr. king, i'm coming. >> reporter: the next 12 minutes were captured in this 911 call. >> n
at the triangle home said he had nothing to say about the police investigation. >>> the boy scouts of america have to pay more than $18 million to a sex victim. jurors in portland, oregon, ordered the scouts to pay jerry lewis for the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of a scout master. the abuse happened in the 1980s. >> i have not had closure, but i have a long road ahead of me, but it's a huge jumping point for me. >> last week the juror awarded lewis, and they noticed the men never apologized to lewis. >>> and then men appeared wearing handcuffs and prison clothes as they were taken to a courthouse in norfolk, virginia, yesterday. the u.s. flew the suspected somali pirates from east africa where they were held on american ships. if convicted they face a mandatory lifetime sentence. >>> and bret michaels rushed to the hospital. >>> and how a man got his head stuck in the train doors. >>> chuck will tell us if the weekend i'm a fashion stylist. my secret? t.j.maxx. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. >>> bret mic
leahy and republican senator jeff sessions. then america's role in the world. our conversation with secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates on nuclear security and protecting america from threats abroad. lus, insights and phillies from our political roundtable. it's all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> all right. our thanks to david. a warning to you for facebook users. be careful what you click on. it could ruin your computer. the virus called koobface is also targeting twitter. mary peyton explains. >> annette stewart spent at least three hours a day on facebook. >> before it was just mainly to communicate with friends and although i still do that, the main reason i go on now is the games. >> tonight, she and other facebook users are on the lookout fur a malicious software program called koobface. >> i have heard that there is a virus out there that if you open it, it will take over your entire computer. >> here's how it works. cyber criminals entice you to click on a link by promising something like an interesting video or a loo
the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> astronauts on space shuttle "discovery" are on their way home. their ten-day visit to the international space station came to an end. yesterday, the crew said good-bye to those who are staying on the space station. they delivered more than seven tons of supplies and equipment, including a new sleeping unit. shuttle "discovery" is scheduled to land tomorrow morning at the kennedy space center in florida. >>> this week you can visit some of the nation's popular parks for free. the national park service is waving admission f
and civil rights. >> she planted the seeds of a movement that changed america. dorothy height was not some latter day celebrity. she was a real activist. >> reporter: at 98, she led one of the longest and most productive lives in the history of equal rights. >> now she's gone ahead of us. i hope she'll make our excuses to sait. peter so we can get in there with her. if anybody earned her way to her eternal reward, dorothy height did, thank you. >> reporter: so many of the speakers and performers talked about that hat of hers that became her hall mark, her warrior headdress. rumors that she's already looking for a new one. >> i hope you have a good hat store in heaven. >>> her funeral begins at 10:00 at the washington national cathedral. it is open to the public but just 700 tickets will be available. you must line up outside of the national cathedral. >> remarkable woman. let's take a live look outside right now. 47 degrees and clear skies for much the night. let's see what it's like right now. >> it's been a bright moonlit night. it will be setting around sunrise this morning. we do have
the future of america. >> members of the tea party movement hope yesterday's rallies will help shape the outcome of the elections this november. there was also a counterrally on the mall. >>> police believe an 82-year-old woman was murdered at her home in maryland her body was found yesterday in a home on oxbow drive in stephensville. the house was in flames and she was silting in a chair in the master bedroom. she suffered from brunt force trauma to the head. she lives in the house with her husband, son and daughter-in-law. police believe at least two were home at the time. officers arrested one suspect who was outside the home when they arrived, but no word on his identi identity. >>> an expanding investigation in prince georges county. a second student says he was injured by police in celebrations after the duke basketball game. the new allegations come after two more prince georges county officers were suspended for a separate incident caught on video last month. news4's jackie benson has the splusive with the student and his lawyer. >> reporter: this video was taken moments afte
for the ladies of america. the great work she has done. she laid a foundation. >> dorothy height will be honored at howard university. there will be a service at 2:00 at the gymnasium. dr. height was national president of the sorority more than a decade. she will be remembered tonight at silo baptist church. she will be laid to rest tomorrow. her funeral is set for 10:00 a.m. at the washington national cathedral. it's open to the public and president obama will deliver the euology. >> sometimes words used that we can't repeat. the top bankers from goldman sachs denied they cheated clients or used a strategy that allowed their firm to profit from the housing meltdown. now president obama is taking concerns about wall street to main street. tracie potts has more. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: the senate says no again to democrats' new rules for wall street. president obama says that's not fair. >> to oppose talking about reform in front of the american people and having a legitimate debate that's not right. >> reporter: they'll try a third test vote today but there is no indication
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of america in the war in afghanistan. and the deal to deploy some of their fighters. the presidential plane was recently upgraded with modern electronics and was definitely deemed to be airworthy, however, the russian vladimir putin has been appointed to a commission to investigate this crash. we are hoping to get some word from the obama administration later on what this will mean, and of course there will be condolences coming forth as they have been coming forth from other world leaders. the president was not scheduled to be here, however a high ranking government official was. that person obviously was not onboard this plane, so that is expected to continue as planned. back to you. >> derek i know you have been there at the emb embassy, and they lowered the flag. >> reporter: i was told some government officials were meeting with the polish ambassador now, and perhaps crafting a statement or at least what the domestic reaction or what domestic ramifications there are for the devastating accident. >> all right. thank you, derek. >>> we are also following a developing story in west virgin
. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> good morning, time for weather and traffic on the 1's on this tuesday, we have a little scattered drizzle around the ream. overall things are beginning to dry out. we have low clouds lingering, 55 in washington, low to mid 50s else where. we've got a wind that's beginning to get a little gusty out of the northwest. out of the mountains, just in the 40s, all of weather we had kwletd, the showers and storms courtesy of low pressure passing over us pushing to the eas
-panelled palace. a gig promotion for the history channel which has a new show called "america, the story of us." spans 400 years of american history. similar shows are taking place in new york and l.a. >>> very cool. they must have a big, gigantic projector. >>> i would hope so. >>> coming up, how the fda is getting ready to put a limit on the amount of salt you can eat. >>> and take a look -- a house in prince george's county engulfed in flames. we'll tell you what happened here overnight. >>> plus, weather and traffic on the 1's. stay with us. >>> violent crash, a fiery, high-speed crash in the district kills one person and sends four children to the hospital. >> ready for takeoff low pressure limited flights resume across europe this morning, but a new cloud of volcanic ash is moving towards the united kingdom. good morning and thanks for joining us for news4 today, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm joe krebs, on this tuesday, dawn at the nation's capital, it looks we have clouds above us. sunrise in about a half hour. 49 graers out there a little chilly now, but going to get warm. >> it warmed up n
at the last minute. >> plus, president obama heads to kennedy space center. how he envisions america's future in space. >>> >>> good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. the skies are clear overhead. a beautiful morning is now in progress. there is a live picture of the lincoln memorial. along the west end of the reflecting pool, downtown washington. current temperature sits in the mid to high 40s. 48 in nap in, shady side, maryland. 39 in springfield and dale city. 37 in manassas. 39 martinsburg, west virginia. when a nice day it will be today. plenty of sunshine today. that's how the irish republican army would say it. 76 degree. >> we have a wrinkle the rush hour. folks coming out of fredericksburg, 95 northbound before you get to -- sorry, north of route 3 before route 17, accident to the left. trackter tiler involved. route 3 to route 1 to 17, back over to i-95. relatively easy. overnight road work, the interchange at quantico should be wrapped up. let's head over to see how we are doing elsewhere. road work on the inner loop. braddock road, few moments ago, flashing lights. t
know, after 18 years of playing america into commercials i'm going to go somewhere where i can finish a song, man. >> eubanks has not announced specific plans. he took over as guitarist in 1992 and became the musical director when marsalis left. >>> comedian conan o'brien will have a new home. the former "tonight show" host is on a national tour since he left nbc this year. the yet to be named show will start in november on tbs. >> i think people will follow him over there. >>> stay tuned, the news at 5:00 starts right now. >>> day one of the nuclear summit takes a tragic turn. a closer look at the accident laimed a woman's life. >> caught on tape -- these college students could face criminal charges for their actions. but now it's police officers in deep trouble. >>> and you don't need change or a credit card to pay for parking in parts of the district. all you need now is a cell phone. good morning, i'm kimberly suiters. joe krebs is off this morning. it's tuesday, april 13th, 2010. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." it's 5:00 a.m., 52 degrees, quiet and dark outside the
approach to energy. the new rules will be phased in by 2016 requiring cars and trucks on america's roads to get 35.5 miles per gallon. nearly a 50% increase. president obama looked to today's announcement. >> those new standards will be finalized which will reduce our dependence on oil while helping folks spend less at the pump. so my administration is upholding its end of the deal. >> reporter: the deal was with carmakers on board with rules they can count on. >> we're pleased there's going to be one clear national road map that's going to apply to all 50 states. >> reporter: environmentalists stunned by the drilling news is cheering this. >> we'll see 20% less gas emissions less from vehicles. >> reporter: cars in the pipeline set to save oil. the president said almost 200 million barrels. >> that's like taking 58 million cars off the road for an entire year. >> reporter: it will save drivers in gas money but cost an extra thousand or so when they buy a car. >> we're asking consumers to step up with us. and buy some of these fuel-efficient technologies. it will save them money ultimate
. >> i think some adults could learn something from that article, as well. next, america's favorite pasttime. we're talking baseball, of ours. >> it's april. baseball season well under way. the nationals are doing well. what's not to like. in thursday's kids post" we explain some of the unique lingo that goes along with baseball like why does a k indicate a strike or why is a pitch that comes close into a batter's face called chin music. >> i think it's because it rattles your teeth. lots of baseball lingo. and it helps kids get ready for the baseball season. >> that should be interesting. the nats play this weekend, we know that. finally, we're talking about royalty. >> imagination stage which is one of my favorite places to take kids for theater has a wonderful production called "the dancing princesses." and it's a musical. it's set in the roaring '20s so it introduces kids to music and dance they may not be familiar with. and it's an and adaptation of the ferry tale the 12 dancing princesses. really well done. >> thanks as always. and for some fun family activities, just visit nb
. but nasa nor the military are releasing details about this top-secret mission. >>> somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> and liftoff of the united launch alliance atlas v rocket. >> this may look like an ordinary rocket launch but this is a top secret plane on its way to space. it's x-37. the military is using it as a way to test new equipment, sensors and materials in space without using astronauts. the x-37 can stay in orbit for up to nine months. the unmanned spacecraft will conduct classified experiments for the government. >>> do cell phones cause cancer? european researchers have launched a major study hoping to find out. it's called the cohort study on mobile communications, csmos for short.
for me for kids of all races and ages to feel somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> 6:15. time for a check of the morning's top stories. radius cuers are concerning for four missing miners in west virginia. crews spent the night pumping nitrogen into the mine to flush out dangerous gas. miners have been trapped since monday when an explosion killed 25 people. >>> the qatari diplomat who caused a bomb scare are expected to be out of the country today. it happened wednesday when mohammed al madadi was flying from d.c. to denver. he was on official embassy business on his way to visit an al qaeda sleeper agent in prison. >>> a montgomery police officer will be laid to rest today. heck to ayala will be
a mandatory life sentence. >>> the boy scouts of america must pay more than $18 million to a s abuse victim. jurors in portland, oregon, ordered the boy scouts to pay jerry lewis $18 million in punitive damages. the abuse happened back in the 1980s. >> i don't have closure yet. i have a long road ahead of me, still. but a huge jumping point, a huge start for me. >> last week a juror found them negligent. they noted the scouts never apologized to lewis. >>> crossing guards could be next on the chopping block in fed rick county, maryland. the sheriff's office considering eliminating the jobs at a dozen schools because of the budget. parents are not the only ones concerned about the proposal. >> reporter: how important are the crossing guards to you? >> very important. >> reporter: every afternoon when the elementary school here gets out hundreds of kids rush a across the busy intersection. but with budget cuts looming, these jobs on the chopping blocks. >> i think they find funding for things that are less important. somebody needs to be here to control the situation. >> reporter: the frederi
. it was a rebellion. those soldiers that represented a rebellion of the government of the united states of america. >> mcdonnell added a a passage saying it is important for all virgins to understand the institution of slavery led to this war and was an evil and inhumane practice. >>> the first responders of the 9/11 attacks in new york are suffering health problems eight years later. many suffered respiratory problems and lung damage after they were exposed to the toxic dust at the world trade center sites. michelle fran zinzin has more. >> reporter: it is the latest study to look at fire workers exposed to the toxic smoke and debris after the initial days and weeks after the attack and the findings show many have severe and persistent lung damage. >> tells us this drop in lung function was real. there's an objective cause for their symptoms. >> reporter: for the first time, doctors compared lung function tests of nearly 13,000 firefighters and rescue workers before 9/11 to the seven years of data collected for the world trade center medical monitoring problem. >> it was a fire. it was burning je
was for women's rights and the rights of young people but for civil rights and human rights in america and around the world. >> height died early yesterday morning at howard university hospital. national and local leaders are paying tribute to dr. height. president obama had this to say in part, dr. height devoted her life to those struggling for equality. she thread council of negro women for 40 years and served as the only woman at the highest level of the civil rights movement witnessing every route and milestone along the way. >> 5:07. still to come, local leaders take up the issue of metro safety. now congress will do the same. >> why unhealthy school lunches could jeopardize security. >> and tom is keeping an eye on rain headed our way. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. it has what other fertilizers don't. scotts patented all in one granule. every key nutrient combined into a single particle so every part of your lawn gets more even feeding. bargain brands have separate nutr
in america? >> there is a -- again, coming from a jewish faith, our holidays give us the capacity and give us -- every holiday in the jewish year has its element. the element of passover is a new beginning. and the concept of starting all over again, you may be familiar with ro with the concept of passover, a new beginning. so one of those things i would like to discard and not have in my own personality, let me see if i can get this into my mind as i'm practicing the passover observances. let me see if i can bring that into my life and get rid of those things. ultimately we all have the opportunity to change. it's always in us to change to be the person we would like to be. >> how relevant is easter? >> critically relevant, the highest and most important feast of our year, though christmas is more sentimental to people, this is the heart of what the lord has done for us, to die and set us free from sin. as the rabbi was saying, to bring about liberation for the christian. it is not just, well, he cleansed me of my sins, that's kind of letting go of a negative thing. but he's also done someth
. they don't want to come to america because the laws are so different. >> the question is whether or not this is going to get through congress. dave might know a little bit more about that congress allowed same-sex marriage to just go into law. but this is something i think that on the second vote in the second reading, they're going to have to really shore up some of the loopholes that you see that can create some problems with the regulation and the access to this, and again, the requirements for who actually is going to be eligible to get marijuana that you smoke and i keep trying to remind people, there is a drug, a pill you can take that has it the properties of marijuana in it that stimulate the appetite, which is what the drug is supposed to do more than anything. >>> dave, congress has 30 days to review this before the congress takes its final vote. will congress intervene. >> >> if they can get their mind off all the other things going on, yes, somebody will. there's always been somebody that objects to this. they tried to stop it in the various states that now have it bu
's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> traffic alert. streets are closed, parking restrictions are in place and a metro station is shut down creating nothing but gridlock downtown. we'll tell you what you need to know to avoid those traffic troubles. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist in for joe krebs today. it's monday, april 12, 2010. a live look from city cam this morning as the sun is just now starting to peek over the horizon. >> gorgeous weekend. hate to waste the day on a monday but at least it's nice, chuck. >> this
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